Markforged is liberating designers and engineers from the long lead times and high costs of traditional manufacturing.

Instead of waiting weeks and paying thousands of dollars for a part, with Markforged you can 3D print incredibly high-performance parts on-premise and in under 24 hours. Print carbon fiber parts that are as strong as aluminum and dramatically lighter. For heat tolerance, print with 17-4 Stainless Steel. For anything else, print with Titanium, Aluminum, Kevlar, or one of their 11 other materials to fit any functional application.

Video Review

NYC CNC Reviews the Mark Two

NYC CNC, an Ohio-based machine shop and YouTuber of all things CNC recently picked up a Markforged Mark Two, looking to augment their CNC machines by printing tooling, fixtures, and more. Here’s the unboxing and review.

Interview: Markforged Marked Strength of Metal 3D Printing at CES 2018

At CES 2017, Boston-based Markforged brought not just a new machine, but a new technology to show with the Metal X 3D printer based on the company’s proprietary Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM) technology…”

Check out the interview by Sarah Anderson Goehrke | Jan 18, 2018 |