Solid Edge Next Generation 3D CAD

Solid Edge in a Next Generation full 3D CAD system that uses the Siemens proprietary Synchronous Technology.  Solid Edge has built-in finite element analysis tools for design engineers to digitally validate part and assembly designs within the Solid Edge environment, data management tools to manage engineering data and processes, technical publishing tools and integrated manufacturing tools.
With Solid Edge you can create finite element models for solid and sheet metal structures automatically, as well as make adjustments to refine the mesh to improve accuracy of the results. For assemblies, Solid Edge Simulation offers automatic contact detection and sets up realistic component interaction, including iterative linear and glued contact.

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Solid Edge University – Boston


August 30, 2018 Boston, MA

  • Experience Solid Edge 2019, the most powerful Solid Edge yet
  • Walk away with newly acquired skills, no matter what Solid Edge version you are using
  • Increase your product development skills
  • Network with peers, Siemens Solid Edge engineers and highly skilled Solid Edge specialist partners.
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The even begins at 9:30 am with registration and ends at 5:00 pm.

Join us for a technology filled day!


Next-generation product development
for today’s engineers

Solid Edge 2019 delivers next-generation product
development solutions for today’s engineers. The software
includes best-in-class mechanical, electrical and PCB design,
fully integrated simulation analysis and the latest tools for
subtractive and additive manufacturing. Scalable data management,
new requirements management capabilities and free,
secure cloud-based project collaboration are also included.

Mechanical design: Next generation design – today.

• New capabilities in Convergent Modeling™ allow engineers
to incorporate mesh models into their design workflows,
creating real designs, not just inspirational shapes
• Design for cost capabilities to keep product development
on track and within budget
• Solid Edge P&ID Design, 2D flow diagram and symbol
support for P&ID creation supporting strict governing
requirements for plant design
• Solid Edge Piping Design – automated 3D piping design
with comprehensive part libraries and fully automated
isometric drawing output for plant design

Electrical design: The best electrical design tools join the
Solid Edge family.

• Solid Edge Wiring Design – wiring design and simulation
tools for the rapid creation and verification of electrical
• Solid Edge Harness Design – rapid and intuitive harness
and formboard design tools with automated part selection,
design verification and manufacturing report generation
• Solid Edge PCB Design – schematic capture and PCB layout,
including sketch routing, hierarchical 2D/3D planning and
placement and ECAD-MCAD collaboration
• Solid Edge Electrical Routing – efficiently creates, routes
and organizes wires, cables and bundles

Simulation: Complex design validation just got easier.

• Enhanced structural and thermal simulation, including
transient heat transfer
• Time-based history analysis enabling simulation of
thermal and cooling performance
• Free surface flow simulation, lighting and radiation
capabilities for digital what-if analysis
Manufacturing: Bring your ideas to life, in full color.
Solid Edge manufacturing provides the advanced tools needed
to manufacture today’s complex products, from CNC machining
to 3D printing.

Introducing Solid Edge CAM Pro – a comprehensive, highly
flexible system that uses the latest machining technology to
efficiently program your CNC machine tools, from simple
NC programming to high-speed and multi-axis machining.

• Associative toolpaths for parts and assemblies speed
design changes and updates
• Automated print preparation and color printing for
additive manufacturing
• Support for 3D printing services so you can compare
price and delivery options to make your ideas a reality

Technical publications: Clear communication. Clearly better.
New design-to-publication integration allows users to
launch technical publication applications directly from within
Solid Edge design.

• Quickly create and publish detailed illustrations of your
product designs
• Publish interactive digital documents for manufacturing,
installation and maintenance work instruction packages
• Associative updates keep documents in sync when
product designs change

Data management: Take control of your data, including
your requirements.

• Introducing Solid Edge Requirements Management –
capture and manage product design requirements and
meet compliance standards with complete traceability
• Easy to set up, easy to administer
Solid Edge Portal: Make your mark with free cloud-based
collaboration.Free online CAD management, viewing and
• Cloud-based access for viewing and markup of
CAD files on any device
• Secure, controlled sharing of project documents
and CAD files

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